// Cold pressed, single malt, factory made idealist // Abstracting the visual spectrum since the era of the Individual was over and the Group reigned supreme // Hailing from the southern tip of the Rocky Mountains, running with the likes of Road Runner and Wile E Coyote // Stomping & Hollering for what's right // Hearing all sides to understanding alternative perspectives // My toys make light // Technology is my tool // Color is my weapon // Fueled by caffeine, Driven to excel; Ambition as my copilot // Flying at the highest levels breached only by humility // In this life and the next I live // Learning life lessons daily, collecting knowledge: Always // Awakened by monks in the halls of the Bodhi Manda // Given a work ethic by Chefs // Trying everything once and living for experiences // I have peddled up the highest mountains and run from the shallowest pools // As I look to my left I see friends, as I look to my right I see family, Ahead I see open road: Freedom // Idealizing Capt. B.F.“Hawkeye” Pierce, Route 66 Diner milkshakes, and Zero-gravity // Institutionally trained, taught by strangers the product of situational circumstances and beautiful opportunities // Hello, my name is Livingston //